About Gaston

Gaston is the villain in Walt Disney's animated classic, Beauty and the Beast, and a very good villain at that. Gaston is a very rude and conceited bully who wants to have Belle as his wife no matter what the cost. At the beginning of the movie, Gaston seems harmless, but as the movie progresses and Gaston grows more and more jealous of Beast, he grows more and more dangerous.

Gaston is the huntsman of the town, and absolutely everyone (especially three blonde triplets), admires him. Everyone, that is, except Belle. Gaston does not understand why she doesn't go swooning for him like the other girls, and he especially doesn't understand why she would rather read than spend time with him. Actually, he doesn't understand why she likes to read at all. Gaston tries to tell Belle that reading is not for women, although Gaston isn't exactly extremely intelligent himself. However, his obsession with Belle is fascinating in the sense that it is not exactly clear why Gaston is so enamoured with Belle. He states that he wants her because she is the best, and he deserves the best. Belle certainly is beautiful, and perhaps that is one of the major reasons why Gaston feels he deserves her (or, in his mind, she deserves him for being so beautiful).

When Gaston learns of Beast and gets wind that Belle has feelings for him, he becomes filled with rage. He will not let anyone have Belle, because she is his. During his fight with Beast on the roof of the castle, Gaston speaks to Beast about Belle -
Were you in love with her, Beast?
Did you honestly think she'd want you, when she had someone like me?

Gaston is very mad and jealous at the same time, and he will stop at nothing to get Belle. However, his weakness is shown when Belle returns and Beast regains his strength. He asks Beast to let him go, and Beast does. Here is where Gaston's true villainous side comes out, because he stabs Beast even when Beast has shown him kindness. Gaston meets his end by falling off the castle rooftop over the cliff.