Welcome to Tale As Old As Time, a website dedicated to the wonderful film Beauty and the Beast, released by Disney.
I have always loved Beauty and the Beast. I have made this website to share my love of Beauty and the Beast. I hope you enjoy your stay. I honestly do hope you enjoy browsing through this website, and I do hope that you will come back soon.

Most Recent Updates

   February 12, 2022

+ [11:02pm] It is hard to believe that Beauty and the Beast has celebrated its 30th anniversary! I wanted to put up a simple layout and I found this great image that has been used on some of the merchandise for the 30th anniversary. Did you get to see the special edition 30th anniversary dolls? And are you anxiously awaiting Belle's Castle from the Castle Collection, which could be released any day now? Follow us on Instagram where I try to post some of the new pieces and news that I find on Beauty and the Beast. You can also now find us at taleasoldastime.net. Until next time.

   March 6, 2021

+ [12:05am] It has been almost four years since the last update. I'm trying to get into updating more, and posting more about new merchandise and news on the new tv series featuring Gaston and LeFou. I'll try to update more often. There is a new layout up to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast. Take a look at our Instagram to see some of the new merchandise available now. I plan to add some merchandise images to the Gallery as well. Until next time.

   April 9, 2017

+ [06:29pm] The exclusive limited edition Heraldry collection of bags, pillows, and wall crests is only available until the end of today. Check out the items at the Disney Store and check out the images in the Gallery.

   March 17, 2017

+ [12:16pm] There is a new layout up to celebrate the release of the live action film. Has anyone seen it? How do you like it? The Gallery has been updated with images of merchandise from the live action film, including the 17" limited edition Belle and Prince set and the Belle 17" doll from The Disney Store. The Belle and Prince set is already sold out, but you still have time to grab the Belle Limited Edition Doll if you haven't yet.

   February 26, 2017

+ [06:11pm] The Gallery has been updated with images of the merchandise coming out to coincide with the release of the live action film in March. Check out the Live Action category in the Gallery, and you'll find some merchandise from the Disney Store, Hot Topic, and images of the London Gala Screening of the live action film which took place last week on February 23. Such beautiful pictures! I also plan to update a few sections, including adding more merchandise that was released last fall such as the new designer dolls, and updating the TV section with more information about the show featuring Kristin Kreuk. Also, check out our new Instagram for everything Beauty and the Beast. And finally, you can now reach us at taleasoldastime.org. I thought it was time to finally buy this site a domain of its own, since I love the movie so much.