True Love

Belle and Beast present a truly remarkable Love, one that is as old as time, and that will continue to last forever. Their Love is truly inspirational and amazing. I have been a fan of Belle and the Beast ever since I first saw Beauty and the Beast. This page is dedicated to Belle and the Beast, and to their wonderful Love that will live on for centuries.

At first, Belle and the Beast begin their relationship on the wrong foot. The circumstances are very disagreeable: Belle has suffered the loss of her father, and the Beast just can't seem to control his anger.

When Belle disobeys the Beast's orders to stay out of the West Wing, Beast becomes enraged and tells Belle to get out of the Castle. While rushing away, Belle and Philippe are attacked by a pack of wolves, but luckily Beast saves her. Belle helps to carry him back to the Castle and to clean his wound. She thanks the Beast for saving her life, and he kindly (but awkwardly, because he was caught off guard) answers, "You're Welcome."

From that day, Belle and the Beast begin to grow closer to one another. Beast watches as Belle walks with Philippe in the snow on the Castle Grounds, and decides he wants to do something for her. Beast presents Belle with his magnificent library, a beautiful work of art with hundreds of shelves and thousands of books. Belle is amazed at the sight of so many books, and has an expression of wonder and delight, which the Beast is glad to see. Belle and the Beast begin to read together, with the Beast hanging on to Belle's every word.

Outside in the Castle Gardens, Belle gives Beast bird seed to feed to the little birds, but he does not manage to have the birds eating from his paw. Belle teaches him how, and walks behind a tree. She feels something for the Beast, and he too feels something for her.

On the night of the dance, Belle descends the stairs in her beautiful gold ballgown, and the Beast watches her. It is obvious he has very strong feelings for Belle. They enjoy a dinner, and Belle takes the Beast's hands and leads him to the magnificent Ballroom. The Beast is awkward at first, but Belle takes his hand and places it on her hip, and with her other hand takes the Beast and they begin to dance. One of the sweetest moments is the Ballroom scene. Belle shows that she is comfortable with the Beast, and he becomes very excited when he realizes this (with Lumiere and Cogsworth cheering him on )

After the dance, the Beast wished to know if Belle is happy. He takes Belle to the West Wing to show her the Magic Mirror that will allow her to see her father. Maurice is lost and very ill, and the Beast gets a great sadness in his eyes. He lets Belle go. He lets her go to her father, because he Loves her.

When Gaston arrives at Belle's home, Monsieur D'Arque is ready to take Belle's father. Gaston tells Belle that he can stop it, if she agrees to marry him. Belle proves that her father is telling the truth by using the Magic Mirror that Beast allowed her to take. Upon hearing Belle say that the Beast is "kind and gentle", Gaston becomes very angered and jealous, and gathers a mob to attack the Beast while locking up Belle to prevent her from interfering. Belle is in despair, thinking that it is all her fault.

When Gaston arrives at the Castle and begins to attack the Beast, the Beast does not fight back. He lets Gaston shoot him with arrows, and Gaston is about to attack the Beast once more when Belle arrives. Upon seeing Belle, the Beast feels alive. He does not let Gaston win. Belle has come back, she has come back to him. The Beast takes pity upon Gaston, but Gaston does not. He wounds the Beast, and in the process falls down to his end in the river far below the Castle. Belle helps pull the Beast onto the Balcony. The Beast lets Belle know that he is happy, because he "got to see you one last time." Belle is heartbroken when the Beast seems to have passed away. She tells him that he cannot leave. As the last rose petal falls, Belle tells the Beast that she Loves him.

The Beast has not passed! Wonderful sparks are flying and shooting down, and the Beast is transformed into a person. Belle is unsure what has happened, and once the person realizes that Belle does not recognize him, he gets closer and takes her hand. "Belle, it's me." Belle reaches out to his hair, and then her eyes meet his. His warm, blue eyes. The same that belonged to the wonderful, kind, noble Beast. It is him! Belle and the Prince embrace, and share Love's true kiss.

Belle and the Prince are married and live, of course, happily ever after. Their love is so strong and amazing, it makes anyone long for that love. They have found each other, and that is wonderful. It is a wonderful feeling to know they will live happily ever after.

I have always been so inspired and get such a nice, warm feeling about the love between Belle and the Beast. It is one that will live forever, even though it is a fairy tale and a motion picture; it is still an inspiration, and I will continue to admire it for the rest of my life.