Who is Cogsworth? What?! How dare you! You don't know who Cogsworth is?!
Cogsworth is the clock in the 1991 Disney masterpiece, Beauty and the Beast. He is very trim and proper, close friends with the household servants and especially of Lumiere, though they bicker and battle each other often. He takes great care to please the Master (Beast) and he is always on time and follows the rules. Of course, being friends with Lumiere, this does not happen often.
Cogsworth is voiced by David Ogden Stiers (who is also The Narrator) and makes appearances in Beauty and the Beast, The Enchanted Christmas, Belle's Magical World, and more Beauty and the Beast videos by Disney.
Cogsworth provides much comedy in the film and if you see him you will surely laugh at one of his many witty remarks! He is a brilliant character.


Some funny quotes by Cogsworth.

"Well, there's the usual things--flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep..."

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