The Enchanted Christmas - Film Mistakes

Here are some film mistakes for The Enchanted Christmas.

Continuity: Belle and the Beast are ice skating, but when Belle falls onto the snow, her ice skates have turned to brown boots.

Continuity: During the flashback of the night when the prince was turned into a beast, he is wearing a white shirt when he sees the old woman with the rose. However, as seen in the first movie, the prince was actually dressed differently when he saw the woman. The Enchantress was wearing green and had blonde hair in the first movie, but in this movie has light orange hair and is wearing a pink dress. The only one of them that is similar in appearance or dress in both movies in the Enchantress when she is in the form of the old woman.

Continuity: When Chip unwraps his present, near the beginning of the film, he rips the red ribbon off twice.

Factual error: In a scene near the end when The Prince tells the maestro to "do the honours", the maestro takes his flute and begins to play but he is holding the flute the wrong way. A flute should be played to the right of you, not the left. For a guide on how to hold a flute, please visit this page.