Beauty and the Beast Film Mistakes

Here are some goofs that can be seen in the movie. I will add more as I find them on the internet, or while watching the movie myself. Regardless of these goofs, Beauty and the Beast is a magnificent movie. These are just neat things to notice.

Continuity Errors

Belle's door opens in two directions. When Gaston comes to Belle's house to propose, she gets rid of him by opening the door outwards so he falls past her. Five seconds later, she opens the doors inwards, throws out his boots, and slams it again.

When Gaston tries to kiss Belle, and she opens the door, Gaston goes flying out into the mud in front of the house. But Belle's front door is on the side of the porch, not facing the mud. When they show Gaston in the mud he's farther away from the house than when he was kicked out. Also if he fell out of Belle's front door he would hit the banister not fall into mud.

When Gaston enters house to propose to Belle, door is left open. When Belle forces Gaston out of house, the door is now closed.

When Maurice decides to go to save Belle himself, he goes to his house and grabs a bag and fills it full of things including something like a shirt or a pair of pants, when he leaves he closes the door on the arm or leg of the article of clothing he has and leaves it behind. A few seconds later when Gaston comes in you can still see part of it in the closed door, then once it's opened, the shirt (or pants) disappears.

When Belle first enters the dungeon, her father is holding out his arm through one of the middle spaces in the cell door. In the close up shot, his arm is protruding from the left hand space.

At the beginning, the Beast scratches his own painting from top-left to bottom-right, later Belle discovers the paint and it's scratched from top-right to bottom-left.

After the Gaston song, the bear rug moves from behind the chair to under the chair.

The three blond girls repeatedly change hairstyles. For example, during the scenes in the tavern, Yellow Dress Girl and Green Dress Girl repeatedly switch hairstyles. At the end, both their hairstyles are exactly like Red/Pink Dress Girl's, despite being different in the previous shot.

In "Human Again" (the added song in the later DVD release) Cogsworth's clock door first opens with his hinges on his right. Later in the song, he opens his door again (to let out water), but this time his hinges are on his left.

Gaston's chair disappears from in front of the fire in the closing shots of Gaston's song.

During the opening song, as Belle walks through the town reading her book, her basket disappears from her arm, only to re-appear a few seconds later.

When Belle's father is about to be taken away to the asylum, Belle's white apron disappears for a few moments, and then reappears seconds later.

When Le Fou is chasing the dog (footstool/Sultan) he is missing a shoe, which is in the dog's mouth, but when Le Fou and his buddies bust through the door his shoe is on. When they get scared away his shoe is missing again.

When the beast slams the door to the west wing in anger of Belle's refusal to come out of her room, a piece of celing plaster falls on Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts, scattering pieces about the place. In the next overhead shot, all of the plaster is gone.

In the shot of Belle riding up to the Beast's castle for the first time, her hood is down. In the close-up shot immediately following it, her hood is up.

After the Beast is attacked by the wolves and falls to the ground, we see Belle take her cape off and put it on the Beast. But when Phillippe is carrying the Beast, both the Beast and Belle have capes.

In Beauty and the Beast, when the Beast is washed for the big night with Belle, the towel he is wearing disappears and appears.

In the opening town sequence, Belle is carrying a basket of books. Watch carefully! The number changes, and not due to her getting a new book from the bookstore. The color of the top book also changes from brown to blue.

Throughout the movie, the glass covering over the rose has a simple decoration on its handle, beads of glass. However, when Belle removes the cover to examine the rose, the decoration is a ring of glass.

In the scene where the Beast eats sloppily, we see him with an amount of food on his face. The next instant we see him, the food is gone, but it reappears immediately in the next showing of the Beast.

In the Library Scene, the Beast is wearing a long sleeve shirt. When the camera changes to a far shot of the Beast and Belle with Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip in the foreground, look carefully at the Beast. As he reaches out to Belle, he has no shirt sleeves on his arms.

When Gaston comes over to Belle's house he grabs her book and tells her, "How can you read this? There's no pictures." But during the song, "Belle" when she sits on the well, the book has a big picture in it.

Submitted Errors

Beast: Different quantity(amount) of teeth on the bottom jaw. Usually them 3, but sometimes there is fourth. Submitted by beastiar Veter.

[Click to enlarge image]

Chip: The reflection does not have mouth. Submitted by beastiar Veter.

In the scene right before "Be Our Guest", the door leading to the dining room opens inwards, but right after that, Lumiere is holding the door outwards. Submitted by Silicon Hero.

At the bookshop, Belle is on a ladder which has a step on top that is not there the next moment. Submitted by Nyxity.

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During the "Belle" song, when Belle is at the fountain, there is a lady washing clothes behind her. The lady's bucket with clothes is not there one moment, and there the next. Submitted by Nyxity.

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When Belle stops to talk to a lady, her basket disappears and appears, and the lady's baskets are empty and then full. Submitted by Nyxity.

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The decorations over the fire place in the room where Maurice sits to have tea and where Belle and Beast are reading in front of the fire switch from being hearts with dots to hearts with lion faces. Submitted by Nyxity.

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When Gaston goes to Belle's house to propose, is standing in front of a mirror where he checks his teeth. The mirror does not have decorative swirls around it until he checks his teeth. Submitted by Nyxity.

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The bed in Belle's room in the castle has a rose painted on the end that is present and then not present. Submitted by Nyxity.

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The number of scratches on Beast's hand change from three to four while Belle is helping him. Submitted by Nyxity.

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Other Errors

Errors in geography: The film takes place in France, but some of Gaston's hunting trophies include animals native to the Americas.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: Before Gaston attempts to propose to Belle, he kicks off his boots. But while he is walking around the house, distinct footsteps and jingles are heard, implying he has boots on.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: At one point the Beast appears to stutter when he says to Belle "Do you wanna stay in the tower?" Although many viewers thought this was just a moment of characterization or that the Beast says "Do you really wanna stay in the tower," it was later revealed that this "stutter" was in fact the result of a sound editing mistake that was corrected for the DVD and IMAX releases.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: During the fighting scene between Gaston and Beast, Gaston says "Belle is mine!" But his mouth is saying something else. This is because, he was originally supposed to say, "Time to die!" but the writer changed it to fit Belle back in the scene.

Audio/visual unsynchronized: Following Belle's title song reprise on the hilltop and just after Phillipe interrupts her moment, she says "Phillipe!" though her lip movements suggest that other dialogue was intended.