Beauty and the Beast Fonts

I have often looked long and hard for a font specifically dedicated to Beauty and the Beast. The logo is so unique, the B in Belle is very cursive, but uniquely so. The word Beast seems as if it is written in a font similar to Copperplate Gothic Bold or Georgia or something similar. Here I have placed fonts that remind me of Beauty and the Beast, fonts that have something to do with Beauty and the Beast, etc.

To Download and Install Just click on the font you would like. A popup will come on and ask you if you want to open or save the file. Choose save, and save it in C: Windows: Fonts. You must save it in your FONTS folder in order for it to install correctly and for you to be able to use it on your computer.

General/Reference Fonts

These are fonts that remind me of the movie or of the fairytale in general.

Font Name: Once Upon A Time
A font made up of book pictures that reminds me of the movie because of Belle's love of books.

Font Name: Fairytale
A general decorative fairytale font perfect for fairytale graphics.

Font Name: Bookworm
A font that reminds me of Belle because she loves books and loves to read.

Font Name: French Script
A font that reminds me of the movie and fairytale because of the word French.

Exact or Nearly Identical Fonts

These are fonts that are either exact or almost identical to those used in the movie and sequels.

Font Name: Allegro
This font and Edwardian Script ITC (below) are very similar but the "B" is slightly different yet still reminiscent of the original title.

Font Name: Beast
I was so lucky to find this font, my sister was the awesome and amazing person to point it out to me. It is called Beast, and you will notice that behind every bolder letter there is a cursive letter, together as one. I like to think of this font as merging the cursive 'Belle' title font with a Beast-like font. It is available at DaFont.

Font Name: Edwardian Script ITC
This font is the closest I could find that resembles the word Beauty in the original title, especially in the way the B is written. It is usually the font most graphic-makers use when they write the title.

Font Name: Cygnet Round
This font is used in the title of Belle's Magical World. It is used for the word Belle's.

For the word BEAST, I would suggest the following fonts: Georgia, Copperplate Gothic Light, Copperplate Gothic Bold, Engravers MT, or Felix Titling.

Similar Fonts

These are fonts that are similar in style to the Beauty and the Beast title but not exact and may differ somewhat, but that I find have some similarities.

Font Name: AdineKirnberg-Script

Font Name: Brock Script

Font Name: Hurricane