Beauty and the Beast

Awards and Nominations
The awards this magnificent movie has won or was nominated for.

Belle and Beast
A page dedicated to the wonderful love of Belle and Beast.

Find out more about the beautiful cast of Beauty and the Beast.

Profiles and small summaries of the Beauty and the Beast Characters.

Take a tour of the Beauty and the Beast Castle.

The words to the beautiful songs from Beauty and the Beast.

The Making
Read about the making and release of Beauty and the Beast.

Some sweet and interesting moments from the movie.

Platinum Edition
Released in 2002, and no longer available at the stores.

Beautiful quotes from the movie.

Follow the magic line by line.

There are several Beauty and the Beast Soundtracks.

A small summary of the beautiful timeless classic.

Summaries of the movie from different websites.

Beauty and the Beast Taglines.

Find out how to say Beauty and the Beast in another language.

Fun Facts and Trivia

Some interesting Beauty and the Beast trivia.

Art History
Beauty and the Beast is filled with beautiful paintings. This is a page for trivia on Art Works and Scenery Featured on Beauty and the Beast.

Film Mistakes
Some interesting film mistakes, complete with illustrations.

Noticeable Oddities
Noticeable Oddities in or about Beauty and the Beast that I have noticed.

Several characters of Beauty and the Beast have appeared in other movies.

There have been references to this movie as well as the fairytale that started it all in many mediums as well.

Similar Movies and Books

I have found it very interesting that on Wikipedia.Org's Beauty and the Beast page, they have at the bottom a category called "See Also" and they have a list of things to see that are related to Beauty and the Beast. Among these are Shrek, The Phantom of the Opera, Bluebeard, and King Kong.

Beauty and the Beast and Shrek