The Beauty and the Beast Castle

When the spell takes place upon the Beast and his castle and its inhabitants, the castle turns dark and gray, the statues turn from angels to gargoyles. When the spell is broken, the sun comes out and shines, the statues return to normal, and the castle returns to its normal bright color and beauty. I think this is a beautiful castle, especially because so much of it is featured in the movie. The moving picture shows the kitchen, the dining room, the ballroom, the room Belle stays in, the Beast's room, the magnificent library, the forbidden West Wing, and much more. I think the library featured in this castle is extraordinary. Who wouldn't want to have this castle? It is a great production from the people at Disney.

The Castle is very important in the movie Beauty and the Beast . It is the setting for many of the most important events. It is where the spell is first cast on the Prince and on its inhabitants. It is where Belle and the Beast first meet, where they begin their friendship, and where they fall in Love. It is also where the battle between Gaston and the Beast takes place, where Belle confesses her true love for the Beast, and where the spell is broken. And finally, it is where the Prince and Belle share their final dance and their timeless love for one another surrounded by friends and family.

I have added images of this magnificent castle here, so feel free to take a tour of the Beauty and the Beast castle!

This is the Entrance of the Beauty and the Beast Castle.

This is the Entrance Hall of the Beauty and the Beast Castle.

This is the hallway outside of Belle's bedroom.

This is the entrance to the West Wing.

These are the amazing Castle Gardens.

This is the Library of the Beauty and the Beast Castle.

This is the Ballroom of the Beauty and the Beast Castle.

This is the Beauty and the Beast castle when the spell is broken. It returns to its original form.

Thank you for touring the Beauty and the Beast castle. Please come back and walk through its halls again!