Enchanted Christmas Lyrics: Stories

The Enchanted Christmas
Vocals: Belle [Paige O'Hara]

When I get to know him,
We'll find more things to say,
One day I will reach him,
there has to be a way.

Everyone needs some one,
He must need someone, too.
When I get to know him better,
Here's what I will do.

I'll read him stories
From picture books all
Filled with wonder.
Magic world where
The impossible
Becomes the everyday.

We'll find a mountain top
And some moonbeams
To sit under.
I'll lead because I know the way.

So much to discover,
I do it all the time.
I could live inside bright pages, Where the words all rhyme.

We will the slay dragons,
That still follow him around.
And he'll smile, yes, he'll smile,
As his dreams leave the ground.

Stories, and stories
About mermaids, kings,
And sunken treasure,
Magic worlds where this impossible
Becomes the everyday,

I know a tiny place,
Just a dot, too small to measure,
I'll take him there,
I know the way.

Stories about heroes
Who overcame their deepest sorrow,
They'll put hope into his heart again,
He'll cherish everyday.

He'll find a better world
And the strength to face tomorrow,
I'm sure that when he knows the way,
He'll want to stay.